When Will CodeRED Be Used?
Messages regarding the safety, property or welfare of the community will be disseminated using the CodeRED system. The system will be used to send critical communications such as tornado warnings, missing person alerts and evacuation notices.

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1. What is CodeRED and Why Is It Important To Me?
2. When Will CodeRED Be Used?
3. Does CodeRED Replace Other Systems Used to Provide Time-Sensitive Information to Residents?
4. Does CodeRED Already Have My Telephone Number? Or Do I Need to Sign Up?
5. I Have a Business Located in Otter Tail County. Can CodeRED Contact My Business?
6. I Have a Property in a Neighboring County. Can I Register That Property with CodeRED?
7. How Will I Recognize a CodeRED Message? What Should I Do When I Receive It?
8. Can I Remove Myself from Receiving Future Notifications?