Mission Statement

The mission of Otter Tail County Probation focuses on three main areas:
  1. Protection of the public
  2. Rehabilitation of offenders
  3. Accountability of offender(s) to victim(s)
Rationale: Otter Tail County Probation is responsible for the identification and use of a variety of correctional services for both juvenile and adult offenders while on probation or supervised release status.

Otter Tail County Probation Officers provide direct probation supervision to juvenile and adult offenders assigned to them by the Otter Tail County District Courts. Probation Officers monitor and evaluate offenders’ adjustment in the community to determine the offenders’ ability to adapt to community standards. Officers intercede when offenders re-offend or when they identify the potential for new offenses or further threats to the community.

Probation Officers work with offenders to identify ways that the offender can develop further competency through education, counseling, employment, and other programs that are available in the community. It is our intention to assist offenders in developing skills and understanding that will allow them to live within community standards and be personally successful.
While conducting Court-ordered investigations, it is the Probation Officers’ statutory duty to contact victims of adult and juvenile offenses. Officers provide victims with information which will allow the victim(s) to have meaningful input into the sentencing of the offender(s), as well as, establishing fair restitution in an attempt to repair or replace damages as suffered either to their person or property.

In summary, it is the responsibility of Otter Tail County Probation to address the goals of Community Protection, Offender Rehabilitation, and Offender Accountability in each case that is assigned to the Department.

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