Drivers License Reinstatement Program

Otter Tail County Probation has developed a Drivers License Reinstatement Program. The purpose of this program is to assist individuals who have been charged with a qualifying driving offense and need assistance in achieving the reinstatement of their driving privileges through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Individuals who have been charged with No Minnesota Drivers License, Driving after Suspension, Driving after Revocation, and Driving after Withdrawal are screened for eligibility. Offenders must not have multiple driving offenses pending and must be able to complete the requirements for re-licensure within a six-month period of time.

Probation staff will assist participants by helping them identify drivers license requirements to be met and act as a resource for questions and problem-solving. Individuals are considered to have successfully completed the Drivers License Reinstatement Program if they are able to obtain a valid driver’s license within the six months time frame.

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