Truck Rodeo

Purpose of Rodeo
The Otter Tail County Employees' Safety Committee and the Otter Tail County Highway Department sponsor and operate a truck rodeo each fall. The truck rodeo is a test of driving skills for highway maintenance workers who drive snowplow trucks.

Truck Set Up & Tests
The trucks are set up with a snowplow in front of the truck, and wing-plow on the front right hand corner of the truck. The driver's skills and judgment are tested in approximately 8 different manners. Drivers are also given a specified amount of time to complete the course.

Skill Test Examples
  • Back up to a loading dock
  • Drive beneath a bridge (bridge is made of metal poles)
  • Drive closely around a curve without hitting posts
  • Drive down a narrow path without hitting the side markers
  • Drive forward through and around a set of barrels, then back up through the same set of barrels with the side wing plow down
  • Drive past a series of mailboxes with the wing plow down, without hitting the mailboxes
  • Driving a marked straight line with the truck box up
  • Stopping within a few inches of a line
The truck rodeo provides drivers with the opportunity to sharpen their driving skills and become prepared for plowing snow in the winter months.

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