Snow Removal Policy

Snow Removal Policy Services
Otter Tail County's "Snow Removal Policy" shall provide the following minimum levels of service.
  • Snow removal shall begin when in the judgment of the County Engineer / County Highway Maintenance Supervisor when the accumulation reaches a point where it inhibits traffic flow or is starting to compact on highways. Plowing will continue as visibility allows.
  • Snow storm and visibility conditions will cause adjustments to be made in plowing start times.
  • The County Engineer and / or Maintenance Supervisor shall make decisions on calling the plow crews of the roads because of poor visibility, safety of the employees, and safety of the public and to schedule different starting times during the week and weekends in the best interest of Otter Tail County.
  • The department shall be available to assist in any emergency on public or private roads as directed by the County Sheriff's Department.
  • Personal Properties
    • Mailboxes and fences damaged during snow removal will be evaluated case by case. Only those mailboxes and fences that were properly located and installed, and which were damaged by actual contact with county equipment will be repaired at the county's expense.
    • Residents shall not plow or blow snow from driveways onto highways.
    • Residents must remove parked or stalled vehicles from county highways to assist in snow removal. Highway Department personnel may assist stranded motorists by contacting law enforcement / emergency personnel for them. The Highway Department will not attempt to remove stuck vehicles unless directed by law enforcement personnel to eliminate a safety hazard.

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