1. ONLINE AUCTION NOTICE: Highway Department

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  2. NOTICE TO BIDDERS: L. McDonald, Kerbs & Paul Lakes

    Sealed Bids for the construction of the Little McDonald Lake Outlet to Otter Tail River. More...

    Otter Tail County for Project No. 17: DLD Lake Outlet, Lake Outlet Pump Station and Water Pipeline. More about DLD Lake Outlet...
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Spring Weight Restrictions

Responsibilities & Budget
The Otter Tail County Highway Department has under its jurisdiction 1,052 miles of highway, all of which are bituminous surfaced and 142 bridges. The annual department budget is approximately $12,000,000. Revenue sources include local, state, and federal funds.
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The Otter Tail County Highway Department prides itself in providing top-level services to the citizens of Otter Tail County as efficiently as possible. The Otter Tail County Highway Department is progressive and is always exploring new technologies to remain competitive in today's rapidly changing environment.

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