Recycling in the Workplace

Acceptable Materials
  • Carbonless or NCR Paper
  • Computer Printouts
  • Copier / Computer / Office Paper
  • Letterhead (no foil imprinting)
  • Manila Keypunch Cards
  • Note Paper
  • Paper with Soluble Glues or Labels
  • Paper with Staples, Ink, Highlighting or Pencil
  •  Post-It Notes (Pastel colors only)
  • Telephone Message Sheets
  • Uncoated Calendar Sheets
  • White / Pastel Colored Envelopes
  • White Adding Machine Tape

Non Acceptable Materials
  • Backs of Notebooks
  • Blueprint Paper
  • Bright, Bold Colored Paper
  • Candy Wrappers
  • Carbon Paper
  • Colored or Hanging File Folders
  • Construction Paper
  • Gift Wrap
  • Hard or Soft Cover Books
  • Styrofoam, Paper Cups and Plates
  • Thermal FAX Paper
  • Tissues, Toweling Paper

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle in the Workplace
  • Bind Scrap Paper Together and Use as Notepads
  • Purchase Recycled Paper - Guidelines to Purchasing Recycled Paper
  • Recycle Envelopes
  • Recycle Office / Computer Paper
  • Use Both Sides of a Sheet of Paper
  • Use Coffee Mugs Rather than Styrofoam or Paper Cups
  • Use Old Envelopes for Interoffice Messages
Guidelines to Purchasing Recycled Paper
  • Purchase High-Grade Paper
  • Purchase Recycled Paper with No Groundwood
  • Purchase Paper that is Pastel or White in Color, Not Bright, Bold Colors

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