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Files Updated 08/27/2018

Shapefile Parameters
Projected Coordinate System: NAD_1983_HARN_Adj_MN_Ottertail_Feet
Projection: Lambert_Conformal_Conic
False_Easting: 500000.00000000
False_Northing: 100000.00000000
Central_Meridian: -95.71666667
Standard_Parallel_1: 46.18333333
Standard_Parallel_2: 46.65000000
Latitude_Of_Origin: 46.10638889
Linear Unit: Foot_US

Geographic Coordinate System: GCS_North_American_1983
Datum: D_North_American_1983
Prime Meridian: 0
Angular Unit: Degree

Additional Resources

  • The MINNESOTA GEOSPATIAL COMMONS The Commons is intended to serve both traditional and non-traditional geospatial data consumers. These may include researchers, cartographers, web and applications developers, planners, and journalists who need data for a project, services for an application, or some other resource required for a GIS-based use. The Commons is not intended to provide “out of the box” web mapping functionality like that available through “Google Maps” or “ArcGIS Online.”

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