Treasurer's Office

Some of the responsibilities of the Treasurer's Office are: "preparation of all tax statements, record on imaging microfilm all receipts and checks, disbursement of money from proper funds, distribute taxes collected to proper government units and make investments."

Taxpayers are responsible for payment of tax and this is not affected by failure to provide a statement for a parcel. We do not mail second half statements. We are prohibited from accepting post-dated checks.

Payments must be made in U.S. dollars by check, money order, or draft from a U.S. bank, with the bank’s coded transit number along the bottom edge.

Payment Options
The Treasurer offers several options for payment of property taxes. Credit card or e-check payments can be made online, the taxes can be taken directly from your account by filling out the form available and submitting it to the office. After hour payments can be deposited in the drop box near the front door of the Government Services Center.

Pay By Mail
The postmark on your mailed payment determines mail payment date. Laws 1996, chapter 471, Article 3, Section 22, enacted as M.S.276.017 provide that a United States Postal Service postmark qualifies as proof of timely mailing; however postmark of a private postage meter does not qualify as proof of timely mailing. If in doubt, have the post office hand cancel the envelope.

Payments made through third parties (EX: bill pay) should be instituted early so the checks will have the appropriate dates. 

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