Court Administration

Districts & Judges

Otter Tail District Court is one of 10 District Courts located in the Seventh Judicial District. It is served by 3 judges: Judge Barbara R. Hanson, Sharon G Benson and Kevin M. Miller, who are chambered in Fergus Falls. The District Court, created by the Minnesota Constitution, is the court of general jurisdiction.

Administration Duties

Otter Tail Court Administration works closely with the Judiciary to insure the smooth and efficient operation of District Court. It is responsible for carrying out the duties and responsibilities mandated by Minnesota Statutes, state and district administrative policies, and court rules.

Court Administration maintains all of the records in each of the court's 6 divisions: civil, family, probate, juvenile, criminal / traffic, and conciliation court; manages the court calendars for each judge; insures accurate accounting and distribution of fines, fees, trust funds, restitution, and bail; provides accurate recording and safekeeping of trial exhibits; and assists members of the public as they seek to meet their legal needs through the district court.

Court Administration is located on Annex 2 of the Otter Tail County Courthouse.

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