General & Property Tax

Responsibilities of the Elections, General & Property Tax Administrative Division
The Elections, General and Property Tax Administrative Division of the County Auditor's Office is responsible for:
  • Property transfers and splits
  • Specific ordinance enforcement
  • Annexations
  • Local city and township special assessments, including:
    • County ditch assessments
    • Auctioneer
    • Tobacco and liquor license
    • Delinquent tax administration (from delinquent tax collection to forfeiture)
    • Tax levy and rate calculations for all taxing districts within the county
    • Tax increment financing administration
    • Tax certificates and various tax related reports for local and state agencies
  • Preparing legal notices for the Board of Adjustment, etc.
This division also serves on the County Board of Equalization and the County Extension Committee. This division is responsible for the administration of all federal, state, county and local elections held within Otter Tail County.


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