New / Remodel Plan Review Environmental Health Services (Guides & Applications)

Plumbing Plans

Otter Tail County

All plumbing plans must be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. Contact your local building officials for any city requirements or permits. A satisfactory plumbing plan and inspection is a critical component of the plan review process and required prior to licensing.
Plan Review Process Flow Chart

Download the Plan Review Process Flow for Food Service, Lodging, Camps, Mobile

Home Parks Plan Review Process Flow

Food, Beverage and Lodging Services

Download the Food Service Construction Guide

- provides guidance for new or remodeling of food or beverage service establishments.
Food Service Construction Guide (PDF)

Download the New Construction Food, Beverage and Lodging Plan Review Application

- application for Food, Beverage and Lodging Services that are new construction.
Plan Review New Application (PDF)

Download the Remodel Food, Beverage and Lodging Service Plan Review Application

- application for Food, Beverage or Lodging services undergoing remodeling.
Plan Review Remodel Application (PDF)

Mobile Food / Food Stands

Download the Mobile Food Unit / Seasonal Food Stand Construction Guide

Mobile Food Construction Guide (PDF)

Download New or Remodel Mobile Food Unit / Seasonal Food Stand Plan Review Application

Plan Review New or Remodel Mobile FS Application (PDF)

Mobile Home Park / Camping Services

Download Mobile Home Park / Recreational Camping Area Plan Review Information Guide

Mobile Home Park Plan Review Info (PDF)

Download the Mobile Home Park / Recreational Camping Area Plan Review Application

MHP / RCA Plan Review Application (PDF)

Variance Request

The applicant for a variance shall be the party to whom the rule applies.
  1) Using the Variance Request Form available from the Health Department, the requesting party shall submit the completed form with the appropriate fee. A request shall contain:
      1. The specified language in the rule or rules from which the variance is requested;
      2. The reasons why the rule cannot be met;
      3. The alternative measure that will be taken to ensure a comparable degree of protection to health or the environment if a variance is granted;
      4. The length of time for which the variance is requested;
      5. A statement that the party applying for the variance will comply with the terms of the variance, if granted; and
      6. Other relevant information the regulatory authority determines necessary to properly evaluate the request for the variance.

  2) The Health Department criteria will always be to have no adverse effect on public health, safety or the environment.

A designated board with regulatory authority will review and make determinations on variance requests. The board members will consist of:
  • Public Health Administrator
  • Assistant County Attorney
  • Planning Director
  • Environmental Health Director
  • Environmental Sanitarian

Download the Variance Request Application

Variance Request Application (PDF)

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