Children in Need of Protection

A Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) case is a part of the family law court subdivision within the legal system that aims to help families and protect children. Some CHIPS petitions can involve child protection or termination of parental rights for reasons such as abandonment and serious criminal conviction.

However, CHIPS cases are not just focused on removing kids from a dangerous situation with caregivers, they can also concern kids who need to be placed in a state program. This can include facilities for children with severe behavioral problems and for children in runaway cases.  

CHIPS cases may be brought by the social services department of a county or by an individual filing a private CHIPS petition on behalf of the parents or children. These parties can include noncustodial parents, children, foster parents, other relatives, a guardian ad litem, and the child's applicable tribe if he or she is of American Indian heritage.

If there is a child in your life who needs help, a CHIPS case might be the solution. A CHIPS attorney can help ensure that the child in your life gets into a better situation. Contact a law firm with CHIPS experience to learn more about what a CHIPS case could do for you.

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