Garbage Collection and Disposal
Otter Tail County residents are not required to hire a garbage hauler. Residents may choose to hire a hauler or to take their garbage to a local transfer station. Remember, it is illegal to burn trash in Otter Tail County. For more information on the laws against burning your garbage visit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Source: MPCA “Don’t Burn Your Garbage”

Reduce: By reducing, reusing and recycling we can have less garbage and use fewer natural resources. We can save money by reducing the amount of garbage we throw away. Use the recycling options in your local area. For more information about waste reduction visit Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Source: MPCA “Waste Reduction” 

Be a SMART (Save Money and Reduce Waste) shopper and reduce your garbage at the source. Buy products with minimal packaging and in amounts that you need.

Reduce trash when you shop
Reduce waste in the workplace
Create less trash at school

Recycle: Take your recyclables to recycling containers found in most cities in Otter Tail County. Local recycling canisters can be found in most cities in Otter Tail County. 

Disposal Information: Otter Tail County operates six transfer stations and the City of Fergus Falls operates a landfill. For a fee, residents may take their garbage to the transfer station or landfill or hire a hauler. For more information about MN landfills visit Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

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